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Xox video chat site star monica of rhode island

and now they are carrying lots of my books and products and things. ❤️ As anyone who was there can tell you, I’m not exaggerating. But it’s a lot like my favorite Hot Milk Cake), a recipe I’ve lusted after for 30 years, but all the begging in the world has not worked with them. Here are some of the famously Happy Cows of California. And here we are, in the parking lot of our destination .

Just follow up that hill you see when you get there, and around to the point.

Beach Boys, Kokomo on the radio, the perfect musica for this road! You can see people walking on the beach down there.

Morro Rock is part of the , beautiful extinct volcanos that go all the way into SLO.

A little arm-chair travel ~ a lot like traveling to England, only this time, it’s California. Across from the entry to Hearst Castle is one of the best beach walks I’ve ever been on. The drive from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay looks like this (I think most people think of the coast of California as more of a city place, but, as you can see, it’s really not. .) If you ever make this trip, you HAVE to stop at the Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay .

I thought I would show you just how much of a garden California really is! Just above that, you can see Cayucos, and above that, see the white star? Then of course, Hearst Castle at San Simeon, is just above that! Astoundingly beautiful, but the road is closed now ~ the storms wiped out a bridge, and there’s no way in, except by helicopter!

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you could go forever amongst the wildflowers along the craggy shoreline with the sound the waves and the birds . That’s Joe out there, and I’m taking this photo looking in the opposite direction from the first one of the shoreline path, so you can see the drama of the long view .

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