Xbmc recently added movies not updating

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Xbmc recently added movies not updating

Even better: it does so using a remote-friendly interface, so with a few taps of your remote, you can browse your digital collection of music and videos, explore some of the most popular media sites on the web or check out live internet-based TV from around the world.

XBMC is the ultimate media center software because it gives you a single interface for accessing all of your media from all of these different places.

You’ll even hear from plugin and skin developers working on new uses for an XBMC.Your device could be a regular computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux.Most modern TVs include a VGA as well as an HDMI port, so hooking up a computer to your television should not be difficult.We couldn’t have written this manual (or even learned to set up XBMC) without the help of the official XBMC wiki.This online resource, maintained by the XBMC project itself, includes way more information about XBMC than we could ever hope to include in one manual. Another resource worth looking into is the XBMC Forum.

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