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Basically, this is just a front to download a Win32 app, and not one designed for the Windows Store. imo Windows app is installed on my PC and it sends the code to imo mobile but imo mobile for Windows phone is unavailable.

When I try to send a feedback message, it says cannot send message with empty text.

"They will be looking into it and ultimately make a determination from there." The R-rated conversation came to light when people took to social media using the hashtags #whoops and #speakerphone.

One tweet said the chatter included remarks about oral sex.

"Everyone makes some dumb mistakes at some point and it's a shame when it's so public.

Google's (GOOG) You Tube is the runaway winner in the general-purpose Web video sharing market: In March, it received 73% of all U.

Results: You Porn (biggest audience) and Red Tube (fastest growing) have jumped ahead of the competition.

Trusty Com Score (SCOR) doesn't release metrics for adult sites, so we ran five big sites through Compete instead.

LONDON - Britain's signals intelligence division is stealing screenshots from hundreds of thousands of innocent Yahoo users' webcam videos, according to the Guardian newspaper, which also reported that the years-long operation has swept up a huge haul of intimate photographs.

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Kyle’s dad asked his mum how deep the snow was falling.

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