Www datinginmidlife com

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Www datinginmidlife com

When you expand the goal of midlife dating from finding someone to finding and re-defining yourself, the experience changes.

Instead of a solution to being alone – midlife dating becomes an evolution of self. Usually something has or has not occurred in the lives or personal relationships of people ages 40- 65 that makes midlife dating a consideration.

“I haven’t dated since high school – I can’t do this.” “Have you seen ‘Sex and The City’ – where do you I fit into that? ” Actually, if people accept their personal best and re-focus the goal from fear of judgment to curiosity, they can often lower their anxiety enough to realize that no one is perfect.To the many who find themselves faced with the possibility, midlife dating can seem like a mystifying, even overwhelming, journey to find a partner.The reality is that despite the horror stories of friends or the fictional depictions of perfect couples repelling down snowy peaks, the experience of midlife dating really depends upon your goal.Everyone is Anxious – No One is Perfect If you are anxious with even the thought of midlife dating – it fits.Dating at any age conjures up feelings of insecurity, fears of rejection and worries about whether you or anyone approaching you will be desirable.

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