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A handful of the women set to be at the event are married to men in their later 40s who are on their second marriages, with a few kids in the bag.

He posted a picture of them at a younger age, and captioned it: "Just a quick post of support for one of my best friends, Tom Daley. Believe you me, if you call Tom Daley gay on Twitter, you will answer for those words. They find each other, they date each other, they live and they laugh and they love and probably after a year or two they split up. Tom Daley has his boy, Maria Bello has her girl, and Miranda Kerr has her billionaire. Because that's just what models and billionaires do. The middle Jonas Brother, name of Joe, has had sex with a woman. These days, when Tom Daley's dating Maria Bello and whatnot, we don't know who's doing who or what, but I think for the purposes of the assignment, we'll assume that when Joe Jonas mentions having sex in a article, he is referring to the female of the species. I spent the duration of my makeup sesh analyzing, doubting, and questioning, but as soon as my (now) boyfriend walked up clad in a Prada tux, a smile, and a confident aura, I knew not only that I made the right call in including him, but I didn’t want him not by my side.Now, six months later, I can’t help but be flattered when I get carded when we’re out at bars or buying wine.

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There have been unconfirmed reports the British sportsman is dating 39-year-old screenwriter and activist Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar for Milk.

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