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Www dating russian hawaii ru

If you add Insurance at the counter it will cost up to 55 Dollar per day on top of the confirmed rate.

On June 1, 1964 the Soviet-American Consular Convention (entered into force on July 13, 1968), was signed, which regulated the opening and operation of the consular institutions of the two countries and provided a legal basis to open offices in San Francisco and Leningrad.

He was in charge of the Russian-American Company activity and Russian business in San Francisco. Peter Kostromitinov has been appointed as a Russian representative in California and Hawaii, and became the first “liberated” Vice Consul. Klinkovstrem became Russian Vice Consul in San Francisco. The last Consul General of the Russian Empire was a career diplomat Artemy Markovic Vyvodtsev. Vyvodtsev took this post from April 6, 1915 until the February Revolution. Vyvodtsev, Consul General of the Russian Empire in San Francisco For long-term successful diplomacy A. Prior to his diplomatic post Jacob Lomakin worked at the bureau of TASS news agency in New York (1939-1941).

In 1941-1942 he was Vice Consul of the Soviet Consulate General in New York.

The consular district of the Consulate includes the following states: Arizona, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah.

Most travelers from Russia want additional insurance such as Collision Damage Waiver and additional Liability Insurance, when renting a car in the USA.

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Sometimes we are able to obtain rental car "Insurance package Deals"that are cheaper than renting a car without insurance!