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Word footer not updating

SEE: Download: Build your Excel skills with these 10 power tips (Tech Republic)Fortunately, adding sections actually makes complex page numbering schemes easier, not more difficult.Before you can number anything, you have to discern what each section comprises. For instance, a book can have several elements, or sections: a title page, a table of contents, numerous chapters, and so on.Additional basic information on the use of Style Ref fields can be found in the Beyond numbering section of my article How to set up a document with front matter numbered separately (that article is for Word 2007 and above; for Word 2003 and earlier, see here.) Although this article is intended to go beyond these applications to describe some additional ways to use Style Ref fields referencing character styles, I'll start with some quick tips on creating character styles and inserting Style Ref fields.It’s easy to have Word insert your date automatically each time you open a new Word document but it will update every document each time you open a Word document that you have written in the past as well.Word does have an option to update fields before printing and links at open (attached), but how to update the fields AUTOMATICALLY at open without pressing F9?thank you I’m still wondering why –up to now- there isn't an option that updates all the fields automatically!To make room for this expanded list, we removed the shortcut for Site Navigation. Because most people create their websites using one of our design gallery’s templates with a site navigation already built in.is "a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options." It might help to think of sections as rooms in a house.

This, rather long, article explains the causes, explains why some workarounds don't work and offers one that does.The basic Help topic, Field codes: Style Ref field, provides the usual succinct Instructions, Switches, and Examples and goes on to provide more information about how the field behaves depending on where it is inserted in the document.Another Help topic, Create a dictionary-style page header (apparently no longer available), told how to use two slightly different Style Ref fields to pick up the first and last word (or heading) on a page; for a substitute tutorial, see here.If you decide to turn on Automatic Update I advise you to add the date that you created the document in the title i.e. Does Word have an option to update fields AUTOMATICALLY at open???

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This leaves the Section before the break with no settings and Word, like nature, abhorring a vacuum, fills the gap with the only settings it has to hand, those of the Section following the Break.