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Wing couple dating

The F6B weighs in at 851 lbs (386 kg) wet, about 70 lbs (31 kg) lighter than its 919 lb (417 kg) Gold Wing ABS sibling. The good news is that the F6B isn’t just 70 lbs lighter than the Gold Wing, it’s also ,000 CAD more affordable in Canada, or ,500 USD less expensive in the United States.You can add a lot of goodies to the F6B for the money you’ll save, if you feel there’s something missing.In other words, while you might be missing some of the bells and whistles, the F6B is still getting the full benefit of Honda’s renowned research and development in the Gold Wing.Unlike heated grips, that’s something you can’t buy. It isn’t touch screen, and is surrounded by buttons, though you’ll end up using the buttons by your grips more often than not.Now, wings are a go-to bar food and the most sought-after, and expensive, parts of the chicken.

The jack bends at a 90-degree angle and those planning on playing tunes through their cell phones may need to remove their cell phone from their cases in order for the jack to fit.

While Honda was running its campaign promoting bikes such as the Honda Cub, Benley, Dream, and the CB350, they were simultaneously unleashing this certified-beast on the world: 1,000 cubic centimeters, twin disk brakes up front, single disk brake in the rear, four cylinders, liquid cooling, electric starter with backup kickstart, and shaft-driven final drive.

Much has changed, but the Gold Wing is still every bit as dominant in its class, and Honda’s latest installment, the F6B takes the Gold Wing in a new direction.

Honda did do a good job with what’s left of the Gold Wing platform.

The F6B comes standard with ABS, AM/FM radio with Auxilary in (no Bluetooth or controls for MP3 playback), intuitive cruise control, a 25 litre capacity fuel tank, excellent H7 lighting, integrated turn signals, electronic fuel-injection, ABS, combined braking, anti-dive system to ensure stability while braking even at highway speeds, and more buttons and turn-knobs than I can count without taking my socks off.

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