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Hurt once told the British film critic Geoff Andrew: 'The only way I can describe it is that I put everything I can into the mulberry of my mind and hope that it is going to ferment and make a decent wine.'How that process happens, I'm sorry to tell you I can't describe.' John Hurt will give the world a glimpse of his own experience battling terminal illness in one of his final roles, set for release after his death.In The Good Night, Hurt plays a once-famous screen-writer in his seventies who is desperate to fix his relationship with his son and make sure he is not a burden to his wife before he dies.He left school to go to art college but dropped out, impoverished and living in a dismal basement flat.He finally plucked up enough courage to apply for a scholarship and auditioned successfully for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, although he later recalled being so hungry he could hardly deliver his lines.Despite the all-clear, Sir John continued to endure periods of ill health.

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The star, one of Britain's most treasured actors, died aged 77 at his home in Norfolk after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, it was revealed today.

His widow, Anwen Hurt, today said it will be 'a strange world' with out the actor, whose death has prompted an outpouring of grief from the showbusiness industry, with director Mel Brooks and J K Rowling among those paying tribute.

In one, That Good Night, he plays a once-famous writer who is terminally ill, perhaps channelling his own experiences.

He is also due to star in a film called Darkest Hour, about the early days of the Second World War.

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Hurt bounced back from pancreatic cancer in October 2015 and signed on to appear in a West End production of The Entertainer, only to pull out on the advice of his doctors after he was taken to the hospital with an intestinal complaint.