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Whole lot of fish dating

These primarily prevent the prey from escaping and help in swallowing.Benthophagous fishes also have several prey capture methods.

Demersal species frequently occur in mid-water and pelagic species occur close to the seabed, so that ‘demersal’ species are frequently caught in ‘pelagic’ fisheries and ‘pelagic’ species in demersal fisheries.

Stealthers rush forward to attack and grip the prey, whereas ‘lie-and-wait’ strategists may suddenly open their big mouth and ingest the prey by suction (e.g., the monkfish).

Piscivores generally have several rows of conical backward-pointing teeth, both on the jaws and within the mouth and pharynx.

A lot of demersal species depend on pelagic production by feeding on vertically migrating nekton and zooplankton entering or living in the near-bottom layer.

Piscivores usually have the capacity to deal with live prey that are large compared with their own body size, hence they tend to have big gapes.

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The species caught tend to be relatively large and of high value compared with typical pelagic species.