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When Robin Gibb’s classical composition, the Titanic Requiem, commemorating the centenary of the ship’s sinking, was performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Robin’s wife Dwina and son R-J attended, but Barry stayed at his brother’s bedside.

‘I couldn’t go — it was too much for me,’ says Barry.

We sort of looked alike, and even had the same birthmark.‘Mum, Dad and I all tried to help Andy, because we were the closest to him.

My mother, Barbara, was with Andy when he died at Robin’s house.

A similar situation, I can imagine, would probably be Lennon and Mc Cartney. The fact that you couldn’t get over obstacles or issues in your life. Absolutely I will not be lying in a bed stuck on life support.‘There was so much more to us, but we didn’t see it.

There was so much more life in us that we didn’t attempt.

And we'll miss him.'said Gibb was 'talented beyond even his own understanding'.Barry won't be involved in the organisation of Robin's memorial service, being planned at St Paul's Cathedral this year ‘We were like twins,’ he says.‘Maurice and Robin were the real twins, but Andy and I were like twins, even though he was the youngest and I was the eldest.Jive talking: Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb (left to right) in 1978.Barry has an abiding sadness that his relationship with Maurice and Robin deteriorated to the point where he feels they were no longer friends ‘Maurice’s death in 2003 and Robin’s last year had been a huge trauma for me and everyone in our family.

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