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We ask for respect for our privacy and that of our family, and we do not intend to comment further." They sign off—jarringly, with a forced smile, reminiscent of his December 2000 concession speech: “Hope to see you soon.”So much mystery, so little knowledge.When I try to obtain some insight from Al’s confidant and brother-in-law Frank Hunger—the widower of Al’s late sister Nancy—he cuts me off before I can even ask. “The message speaks for itself and I have nothing to add. Lloyd Grove is editor at large for The Daily Beast.

Tipper Gore is fending off an inconvenient reporter—namely me—who is attempting to interview her husband, the vice president, at a White House dinner, by pulling me onto the dance floor while Al Gore wrests my notebook and pen from my resisting hands. ” Then he adds: “I love that song by Three Dog Night with that line, ‘I don’t have to speak ‘cause she defends me.’” To which Tipper offers a flirty correction: “Um, I think that was The Band.”But don't they ever drive each other totally nuts? "We had a fight once 23 years ago.""Which I won," Tipper said.• Leslie Bennetts: The Gore Marriage Is Just Like Yours • Mark Mc Kinnon: Blaming Bush for the Gore Split And then…The Kiss.

One witness recalls the anomalous sight, at the height of the Vietnam protests in 1968, of two earnest, public-spirited young people, sitting in the VIP section of President Lyndon Johnson’s dedication of the J. Al was the son of a famous Tennessee senator—ambitious, albeit deeply conflicted, about his ultimate destiny in the family business—and Tipper was his helpmate, sublimating her own career goals (to be a photojournalist, for example) in order to be a loyal wife.

They have been through quite a lot together, much of it public: his political maneuverings, her clinical depression, the near-death of their young son Albert III, who was grievously injured when hit by a car (a private ordeal that Al, with his unfortunate penchant for finding the wrong key, tried to transform into political gold in his running-mate acceptance speech at the 1992 convention), and, of course, the crushing disappointment of the Supreme Court’s questionable December 2000 decision that awarded the presidential election to George W. After that, the vanquished former vice president put on weight and stopped shaving.

“One of the first things I tweeted was, ‘Can you believe the Clintons’ marriage has lasted longer than the Gores’?

’”Even former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is disheartened by the news.

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Now they are safe to buy that double burial lot because, like or not, they are sticking together.

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