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His characters were Shanaynay (his most-popular and most recognizable one out off all the other personalities), Ned the Nerd, Fruitlupe, S.Deezy, Paris Hilton, Shane's Mom (the opposite of his real mother), the superhuman Switch, and Aunt Hilda.The video that he himself alleges shot him to fame was his FRED IS DEAD! He now has over 8.1 million subscribers on this channel alone and is one of the most well known You Tube stars on the site, reaching his peak number of the most subscribed list at #3 behind Ray William Johnson and nigahiga in 2010.

As you guys know i've been pretty private about my personal life for the last couple years. He's sweet, caring, and makes me so incredibly happy. He's been a really big part of my life and i'm so grateful that i met him.Also as of July 2017, his channel has been inactive for over 6 months, his latest upload already mentioned above as "THE LOTTERY" - SHORT FILM.This channel started on April 3, 2009 and currently has 2.3 million subscribers.He has three channels: Shane Dawson TV (his main channel), Human Emoji (his second channel, which has not been in use for some time now), and shane (his vlogging channel).All the channels combined have a total of over 4.5 billion views.

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After coming out as bisexual and breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Lisa Schwartz in July 2015, Shane Dawson has kept the details of his dating life pretty quiet.