Who is louise lombard dating

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Who is louise lombard dating

Indeed, the 37-year-old emphasised her detachment from the hysteria that often surrounds her profession by taking time out at the peak of her celebrity to read English literature at Cambridge. But that's never interested me I find it quite easy to stay under the radar. Also, the residents of LA are very blas about famous people.

When Robert De Niro is walking on the other side of the street, I don't necessarily get mobbed!

She plays Kay Rousseau, a troubled detective on the trail of a killer.

To make matters worse, Rousseau has just lost her baby daughter and has had to deal with the trauma of being tried for her murder.

But I took the script for Kiss of Death on holiday with me.

I wasn't expecting anything special, but I just couldn't put it down.

" Lombard, the mother of a young son called Alejandro, is now swapping the glitz and glamour of the US for the grit and the grime of the UK.

I'm reading this book by Sally Clark, who was a stronger woman than I am, and it gives me an idea of what Kay must be going through. "I had to take my two-year-old son out of pre-school." And, on her initial return to these shores, Lombard admits she experienced some disorientation.

Kay is a very ambitious person who has risen to a position that not many women have in the police, yet she's very damaged.

She's trying to maintain authority and clarity while at the same time coping with serious emotional demons." Lombard, who grew up in Essex as one of seven children, confesses that playing a bereaved mother is "a tough place to go as an actress. " The actress is clearly smitten with life in Southern California. It's funny, when I first went there as a younger woman, I hated it.

She was quiet for a bit and then said, 'what's Hidalgo?

' She didn't even know that that was the name of the film I'd made.

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"The plan for me was to do more in the US, but here I am back in Bristol.