Who is kat stacks dating

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Who is kat stacks dating

The two ladies attended a paid appearance yesterday. They held hands and snuggled together for a good part of the evening. But most of all it causes me to ponder, if so many men seem only too willing to engage in utterly deplorable, immoral behavior, who is looking out for our daughters?Early Monday morning, a colleague e-mailed me the video embedded below and requested that I pen a few lines in response to the video.

According to one of MTO’s top snitches, Joseline is now dating a WOMAN.This is called the shock factor and either your reaction or the reaction of onlookers who I call look-e-loos will get your more followers, as well. Communicate with those who support you and answer them back. I think I only got through the first thirty seconds or so before I stopped watching, and then sent a return email in which I politely but crisply requested that my colleague not waste my time by sending me such foolishness.And the remarks being made about her were disparaging to say the least.

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And in the meantime, while we are wandering in circles and pointing fingers and calling people names, once our children cross the threshold of our homes, after they are outside our purview, who is looking out for them?