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He claimed he had to go to practice again and that he would be back later.

Again, I was left in the room with nothing to do but wait on him.

We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. I have been on World Star Hip Hop videos and some may consider me a Vixen, but all I ask is that you listen to my story, because it isn’t about exposing, it is about possibly helping someone in the future.

I developed a friendship with Denver Nuggets center Javale Mc Gee.

Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts.

He decided to sleep on the couch instead of the bed with me.

I also thought this was a big deal for him because according to Javale he doesn’t fly out in the offseason.

My flight was delayed, so I got there late, I was hoping to have some time to chill, but as soon as we got inside the room he wanted to sex.

I saw a more human side of him and honestly people have made fun of me in the past, so I understood what he was going through and we had that in common.

He’d say very sweet things, even made a picture of me once.

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After 5 months I finally agreed to meet him on August 8th.

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