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Who is dating john krasinski

"You may not get along with them, you may not talk to them all the time, but you're connected to them. Glamour: John, I feel like you must be talked-out at this point. [] When directing a film like this, are you able to feel that same emotion as it's happening or are you almost too close to the action? 100 percent you feel the emotion that you’re feeling in the audience.There's something hugely beautiful and powerful about that." It's also about exes and relationships, and the drama that comes with wondering what might have happened if you chose another path. You’ve had the film’s premiere, the junket, and gone on ]Glamour: This movie was so beautiful. And that’s why it’s so special to hear that because with a movie like this it’s an easy litmus test.‘John and I have real chemistry,’ she told the host Andy Cohen.‘There’s like a real part of me that is Pam and a real part of him that’s Jim and those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another.In real life, the path Krasinski chose has turned out just fine. I held it together until the last 15 minutes and then the tears just wouldn’t stop. If you’re laughing on set, then you know something’s working.The father to two young daughters (with Blunt), he's not one to share photos of his girls—but he has no problem talking about all their hopes and dreams. If you’re crying on set—which all the time—then something’s working.‘But in real life we aren’t totally Pam and totally Jim, so in real life we’re not the perfect match. Jim and Pam fans, rejoice: we knew that no one could act this well.The video of the show isn’t available in the UK yet, but here’s a very nostalgic look back at Jim and Pam’s relationship for you to feast your eyes on.

She did cry after I cried and we cried and then everyone around us was crying.

And then I have to be honest with myself and say how much I love it.

It would be weird for them to see how much I love my work and then to hear that I don’t want them to have that same level of happiness, if that’s what they want to do.

Glamour: Of all the many complex relationships in the film, which one did you most relate to?

John: Probably my relationship with the mother [played by Margo Martindale].

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They have every right to be in this business, but they just need to know how difficult it is and how hard you have to work, rather than anything being given to you.

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