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However, she denied the claims that it was done on purpose and said it was seriously a wardrobe malfunction and said she was a “Victim”.Well whatever the truth is of that particular incident, we know how she became popular after that and even got her own TV Shows and a chance to participate in famous television show “Big Boss” in the its 7 season.Although more tolerated with younger girls, older female students, especially those over 18 years of age, can be disciplined for exposing their navels on school campuses.As an example, the dress code of the Sherman Independent School District in Texas requires that "there must be no exposure of the midriff area or undergarments.During a famous modelling event called “Lakme Fashion Week” she was walking the ramp when the unfortunate event happened in 2006.The dress she was wearing betrayed her as the stitches were not properly done.

Since then, she gained much popularity on internet and worldwide as well.

This topic was even depicted in the Movie “Fashion” where a model played by the actress “Kangana Ranaut” suffers Wardrobe Function.

Gauhar Khan participated Reality Shows as well and wherever she goes she is involved in some sort of scandals but eventually comes out successful and moves higher in her career as well as her fan base grows.

However, exposure of the female midriff and navel was widely brought into everyday Western women's fashion in the 1960s' sexual revolution and later with the popularity of halters, tube tops and crop tops in the 1970s.

The cheerleading style fashions developing largely from the styles originating with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in the early 1970s also played a crucial role for the popularity of midriff fashion at middle and high schools.

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