Where in the quran does it say dating is haram Horny fhone chat free

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Where in the quran does it say dating is haram

As long as these tenets are followed, Alidina thinks Mut'ah marriages provide an important physical outlet for young Muslims."They are young and unemployed and these marriages are cheaper options," says Alidina.He says the girl actually wanted to get married for only one day; they finally settled on three days subject to renewal.For Selman, Mut'ah is simply "a permission from God to have sexual relations." He's open about the fact that it's different than true love.

Its rule against sex outside of marriage is clear, but many Shiite Muslims believe that a section called "Al Nissa" contains a single word ( ) that seems to allow Muslims to engage in Mut'ah marriages, or "pleasure marriages"—essentially, temporary marriages for the purpose of having sex.

"As a Catholic you go to hell for having premarital sex.

Mut'ah understands the human disposition and accommodates me."Selman, for his part, knows he's adhering merely to the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

"Even if it is temporary, it is still a marriage with serious commitments."Alidina says the crucial components of the Mut'ah marriage are the mutual acceptance of the marriage, a bridal gift to the wife paid in cash, and her obligation to stay single for two menstrual cycles after the marriage ends to ensure she is not pregnant before entering into another.

The husband is responsible for a child conceived during the marriage, even if the marriage lasts only a few hours, and religious leaders recommend that the contract be put in writing so women can claim their rights in Islamic courts that recognize Mut'ah marriages.

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Selman loathes nightclubs—"Loud music with people getting drunk and stupid is not my scene”—and so has met many of his wives in the hookah cafes of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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