What to expect when dating an italian man

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And finally, if you have some gentlemanly qualities, the beautiful blond Swedish girls will be all over you.

As my friend put it: Swedish blond bombshells may be tough and viking-like on the outside, but they are still soft, delicate women on the inside. PS – I’m well aware that this post constitutes a generalization. Please however comment on something more constructive.

Then, I got an e-mail from him: not a single word, just a photo of his penis.

I cut the date short, declined a second date, and thought I was in the clear when I didn't hear from him for a couple of days.

Please don’t comment that I’m stereotyping and stereotyping sucks, wah wah wah. Perhaps why Swedish women have a reputation of being blond/beautiful or why the negative reputation of being “sluts.” Or your experience dating a Swedish girl or being a Swedish girl and dating.

After a bad breakup, I let my mom set me up with the son of one of her friends.

He looked normal enough, and I agreed to go on a date with him.

We met for drinks, and things were really going well.

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