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If your objective is to have a romantic long-term relationship after age 50, you'll need to know exactly how to connect with the opposite sex on multiple levels so it has the potential to go somewhere.

When you understand the precise connections between the heart, mind and body and how they work together, you'll be able to determine what type of relationship you want with the different people you meet.

You don't have a mental connection so when the intensity of sex fades, so does the relationship.

Your intellectual thoughts and bodies stimulate each other but love doesn't exist between the two of you.

This relationship is fun but often, one of the two of you gets hurt in this type of connection.

Your Heart And Body Have you ever met a man or woman where your heart opens, the sparks fly and you find yourself almost instantaneously in love?

After some time together, I had thought I could deal with our differences—until I met Sparks, and all that went out the window. Although things ended abruptly and with a lot of pain, I don't regret choosing Sparks over my stable boyfriend.

I broke up with Security the day after my first real meeting with Sparks. But like they so often do, Sparks and I eventually slowed down and fizzled out after four intense months together. And although we Face Timed daily, with each passing week, the sparks weren’t enough. Being with Sparks was better than thinking, ‘What if?

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It feels like all you want to do is spend the day in bed, feeling the love that abundantly spills between the two of you.

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