Warehouse design and updating

Posted by / 07-Jun-2020 04:23

Warehouse design and updating

The kitchen that was here when we moved in seemed to have been conceived solely as a space to mix cocktails.

The leather chair feels like it should come with its own pipe-smoking Jungian analyst.People don’t really tend to sit in it very much, not, I think because it is uncomfortable but because it seems to have so much of a human personality already that sitting on it seems somehow cruel.The drafting table is the latest addition: we found it looking forlorn in an architectural-salvage shop in Brussels.We built the bookshelves ourselves, in a massive hurry, so nothing quite lines up.This is why I am a landscape architect rather than someone who deals with load-bearing structures.

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After a couple of years, you build up quite a familial bond with the sitter and the life-story that you’ve built up for them.