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Virtual sex chat 101

Kubernetes' job is to keep track of which containers should be running, and on which hosts, and make sure that they're running.If a host dies, Kubernetes lights all the appropriate workloads up on another host.From the developers’ perspective, microservices are democratic – a good thing. One might, for example, find image-processing libraries in C or Java, but be better off doing their AI or ML work in Python because that community has really embraced Tensor Flow.

Data Dog is quite popular for monitoring while Big Panda makes sure alerting is sane.

Where infrastructure automation does things like create VMs or provision cloud resources, host environment automation tools ensure that desired configurations are applied to these resources.

Here we'll find popular tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Saltstack, many of which can do some limited infrastructure automation as well. There remain many competitors to Kubernetes, however, in reality, Kubernetes has won.

Infrastructure automation creates and destroys basic IT resources such as compute instances, storage, networking, DNS, and so forth. Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager is an example of a much older school of infrastructure automation, one that isn't used much in the modern Dev Ops world.

Clour Formation is Amazon's baby and it isn't much help beyond AWS's walled garden.

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Supported Public cloud providers increasingly differentiate themselves through the features and services they provide.

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