Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

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Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

Channel View: Guide: Recorded Shows (Now Playing List): Scheduled Series (Season Pass Manager): Menu (Direc TV Central): One menu that Direc Tivo doesn’t have is Verizon’s Mini-Guide.Here’s a picture of that: Overall, I’m very pleased initially. The only channel that I know I don’t have anymore is OLN (and I don’t watch NHL games or the Tour de France, so I won’t miss it).This feature is not yet enabled, and I really hope they enable it soon.

The fonts were easier to read and looked a little more current. The biggest flaw of the DVR is the lack of any sort of Wishlist feature.

I also really like being able to set up a series to be recorded by pressing record twice in the guide.

It was a hassel having to jump through multiple menus in Direc Tivo menus and then sitting there waiting for about 45 seconds for it to decide it was ready to go.

If you have any questions about the service, please comment and I’ll respond.

—Response to Dylan E— I never knew there was a different guide with Tivo. If the normal Tivo guide style you’re talking about is the one that lets you view all the upcoming shows on a particular channel in the guide then yes–in at least a similar way.

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The whole process was done at abour , which was a little under the 4-6 hour installation time they told me to be prepared for.

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