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Vb net updating xml file

A Change Xml Node update action will update the attribute value.When using string value Shared Properties, the value of the Shared Property can be expanded using $Shared Property$ syntax.Revisiting the previous example, we’ll take this approach for the necessary modifications.We’ll read and store the value of the key1 app Setting, then replace the config file and modify that value in the newly replaced configuration file.We can use an Add Xml Element update action to insert a new app Settings value into the existing config file.This is what the v1 application configuration file might look like: But for v2, the configuration file might need to look like this: To migrate version 1 installations to version 2, in addition to replacing the application assemblies we must add a new entry to the app Settings collection.They allow for information to be shared between update actions.

As an example, let’s say that we use app Settings in our application and we need to add a new app Settings value in support of a new feature.

Using a Change Node action, the value of an existing app Settings entry is easily accomplished.

For instance, consider the situation where in v3 of our application, we needed the key2 value to be modified to value3.

To do this, we’ll use an Add Element update action.

When configuring Xml update actions, XPath expressions are used to reference the specific Xml elements that you are interested in reading and writing.

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Reading the existing value, we’ll add and configure a Read Xml Node Action.

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