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It provides a more complete set of security-specific coding guidelines targeted at the Java programming language.

These guidelines are of interest to all Java developers, whether they create trusted end-user applications and applets, implement the internals of a security component, or develop shared Java class libraries that perform common programming tasks.

While adding features to software can solve some security-related problems, it should not be relied upon to eliminate security defects.

However, if the code is operating with reduced privileges, then exploitation of any flaws is likely to be thwarted.In severe cases local programs may be executed or Java security disabled.These bugs can potentially be used to turn the machine into a zombie computer, steal confidential data from machine and intranet, spy through attached devices, prevent useful operation of the machine, assist further attacks, and many other malicious activities.To minimize the likelihood of security vulnerabilities caused by programmer error, Java developers should adhere to recommended coding guidelines.Existing publications, such as Effective Java [6], provide excellent guidelines related to Java software design.

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Any implementation bug can have serious security ramifications and could appear in any layer of the software stack.