Validating ps3 dumps

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work) – micro SD, micro SDHC, or TF card (It is confirmed that the E3 flasher will work with 4GB cards) – T8 Torx driver – Phillips screwdriver – CPU / GPU thermal paste (Arctic Silver, etc.) – USB flash drive (must be in FAT32 format) – Sony PSP (with CFW and PS3JIG installed) – Scotch tape or similar (for E3 clip) – Software bundle (everything you need, in one convenient megapack — reformat your PS3 hard drive. – Copy Samsung Multi-Console firmware (update.bin) for E3 onto your micro SD card. Some motherboards have resistors / capacitors that keep the E3 clip from being pressed down fully.You may need to carve tiny bits off the E3 clip with an X-Acto blade in order to get it to fit. Make sure to only remove small amounts of plastic, and only if necessary!The validator Routine isn't perfekt right now and even give me on my own dump on 3 of 33 Arrays to check a false negative.

But at least it hase a own extracter and can extract a PS4 NOR Dump file as well a SLB2 Container.

– Install the E3 softboard into the PS3 hard drive caddy.

You will need to unscrew the hard drive from the caddy to remove it. Place the caddy back inside the PS3 and connect the E3 ribbon cable to the softboard. This can be difficult with the amount of space given, so be patient.

This will enable the Tool to activate all blocked buttons. For that a python integration to Visual Studio will be needed.

Used Lib's: Console - is a librarie from Dave Kerr Process - is a librarie from Dave Kerr - is a script from Judges - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet) - is a librarie from me (cfwprophet) nor4- is a librarie from me (cfwprophet) SLB2- is a librarie from me (cfwprophet) So you may ask for what the will be ? There are allready projects for that but in a beta phase.

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– Flash E3 board firmware: Put micro SD card into E3 Cover Board, flip all switches up except switches 1 and 2.

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