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Validating package spec

Over time, GAMP has become the acknowledged expert body for addressing issues of computer system validation.GAMP's guidance approach defines a set of industry best practices to enable compliance to all current regulatory expectations.The right side of the V represents the system testing stream against the specifications. With the V-model, the document that initiates the validation process is the user requirement specification (URS).The URS describes the equipment or system as it is intended to function, and it is typically written by the system user.

Validation includes three core elements:* Installation qualification (IQ) – confirms complete documentation, which includes checking purchase orders, proper hardware installation, and software verification according to the manufacturer’s specifications; both user and supplier share primary testing responsibility.* Operational qualification (OQ) – confirms the system operations by testing the design requirements that are traced back to the function specifications, including software and hardware functions under normal load, and under realistic stress conditions to assess whether equipment and systems are working correctly; both user and supplier share primary testing responsibility.* Performance qualification (PQ) – confirms that a system is capable of performing or controlling the activities of the process, while operating in a specific environment – namely, a series of checks by the user against the original requirement specifications of the system; responsibility falls solely on the user.

The functional specifications describe the functions of the system and how it was built.

In the V-model, the functional specifications correspond to the operational qualifications, as each of the parameters should be tested.

In essence, GAMP asks:* Do you know what you want to do?

* Have you broadly defined the function requirements? Identifying the “how” is essential to the design and testing phases of validation.

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More than simply a strict compliance standard, GAMP is a guideline for life sciences companies to use for their own quality procedures.

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