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Validating package payload

The systems and methods validate package and fixed payload(s), and notify a user of whether the package, documents, and/or associated resources passed or failed respective ones of the conformance criteria, Specifications are typically used to describe a format for a document.

For example, the XML Paper Specification (XPS) describes the XPS document format.

When I run Software Update from System Preferences, I receive a screen message that Mac OS X would like to update the HP Printer Drivers.

When I try to install the drivers, I receive an error that the Installer could not validate the contents of the HP Deskjet package.

Based on the implementation, the validation might require creating bad capsules that forces the system into recovery or disconnecting the power in the middle of an update or through any other means of exercising the recovery flows.

Expected Result The system should boot into the OS and the firmware update should be marked as failed.

Steps Expected Result Firmware update should fail for the System firmware and for all the device firmware for which the update was attempted.

Various applications use such packages to exchange, display, print, package content (e.g., documents, resources, etc.).

To produce expected results, these applications rely not only on package conformance to a package specification, but also rely on document conformance to a document specification.

For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.

I have the printer connected to the USB port of my Air Port router so it can be shared over the network.

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For all ESRT entries, for which the update was attempted, validate that: The following steps should be completed for each ESRT entry that is supported by the platform.

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