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Validating fuzzy logic values

A data validation technique for 3-D particle tracking velocimetry is proposed. In the proposed scheme, the PTV pairing results will be provided as an input to the validating system.Then, velocity vectors of the particles in the neighborhood are measured, in terms of velocity gradient, direction and magnitude.In projects based on the template, therefore, the most suitable place for custom code that validates user input or otherwise manages data is in these View Model classes.In terms of data validation, the Edit Item View Model class and the New Item View Model class (the classes associated with the forms most likely to involve editing and updating list data) both provide an open implementation of a validation method (named Validate) that overrides the base validation method in the class from which these two classes are derived.Depending on your needs and the circumstances in which your particular Windows Phone app will be used, you likely will want to implement your own custom data-validation rules.You can validate data entered by users of your Windows Phone app in several ways.

These classes can be considered implementations of the View Model component of the Model-View-View Model design pattern (Figure 2).In a Windows Phone app intended for production use, you likely need to validate data entered by users to, for example, enforce business logic relevant to your particular circumstances, or to ensure appropriate formatting of entered values, or simply to catch mistakes before saving values to a Share Point list.Projects based on the Windows Phone Share Point List Application template include default data validation logic, but such projects also provide a mechanism for developers to implement custom data validation.The list has been created with the columns and field types shown in Table 1. Product Orders list Again, for the purposes of this example, assume that the following simple validation rules are to be enforced, based on the business logic employed at the fictitious company Contoso, Ltd., for a given product ordering system: Keep in mind that the field names specified in this code sample are based on properties of the sample Product Orders list specified in Table 1.(Notice that in the XML schema for list fields in Share Point Server, spaces in the names of fields are replaced with the string "_x0020_" for the **Name** attribute of the **Field** element that defines a given field.

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And well-designed Visual Studio project templates are necessarily generalized to be used as a starting point for many different applications.