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Validating an email address in javascript

On the final line we call test method for our regular expression and pass the email address as input.

If the input email address satisfies our regular expression, ‘test’ will return true otherwise it will return false. You can call this method whenever you want to validate email address.

Once the user checks the checkbox, then the button becomes active - and users can click on this button to get to the new page.

However, I haven't found any tutorials online that handle this exactly.

However if I rearrange my code it still does not work.

What I have found is example scripts that have multiple checkboxes, etc..if I try to remove any of them from the script, it seems to mess up the functionality. This would actually work perfect, if the male/female option wasn't there, and the 'reset' wasn't there either: Quote: Above is my code.

I have included a brief snippet of my problem in the code already, but basically my code runs through all the if statements until it gets to the if statement about the month and validating what numbers are used.

I have tried numerous attempts in getting the Address field to work (i.e. I want it to accept letters, numbers, spaces and commas! Cheers, Vit Hi Guys, I use this code to validate e-mail addresses: PHP Code: // checks if the e-mail address is valid var email Pat = /^(".*\"|[A-Za-z]\w*)@(\[\d(\.\d)]|[A-Za-z]\w*(\.[A-Za-z]\w*) )$/; var match Array = form Email.value.match(email Pat); if (match Array == null) What i noticed today, is if a customer registers with an e-mail like: [email protected] first dot throws up the error, i'm not to great on regex lol any help would be appreciated thanks guys Graham Hi Folks I am trying to write a js that validates a form with two text inputs. I just want to add up (sum) the two input fields (which must be positive numbers) and make sure that they add up to exactly 100 (not more and not less). The html code for my very simple form is: I managed to create the form that asks you to type in the information but I'm having some difficulty trying to figure out the alert to say "Thank you " after you have everything filled in and then hitting the button.

Using remote web-services is not a option, since the script should be able to run online.

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I have already validated to make sure that they enter a number and that it is not greater than 8. thanks so much, Joe Code: hi i need a help in java script. cheers Just wondering what the code would be to validate the radio buttons, thus when i click get score a pop up will tell me that one of the radio buttons was not selected.