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The organizers are aware of the fact that by such a competition it is impossible to validate BCI systems as a whole.But nevertheless we envision interesting contributions to ultimately improve the full BCI.Developed by MN Community Measurement in collaboration with medical groups and community members, the Handbook establishes a standard set of data elements for collecting race, ethnicity and language data from medical groups and clinics that participate in MNCM’s Direct Data Submission.Besides presenting the data elements to be collected, the Handbook outlines the case for collecting these data, tips on how to establish a successful data collection system, and ideas for how to use the data to improve quality.

All registered medical groups can use the portal to update contact information appearing on MN Health Scores.The deadline for both survey vendors and medical groups to complete their pre-survey steps is Friday, July 15, 2016.Plan accordingly so your survey distribution is not delayed![ goals | news | data sets | schedule | submission | download | organizers | references ] The goal of the "BCI Competition III" is to validate signal processing and classification methods for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).Compared to the past BCI Competitions, new challanging problems are addressed that are highly relevant for practical BCI systems, such as Also this BCI Competition includes for the first time ECo G data (data set I) and one data set for which preprocessed features are provided (data set V) for competitors that like to focus on the classification task rather than to dive into the depth of EEG analysis.

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For each data set specific goals are given in the respective description.

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