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Updating subclipse

Since you have no idea what this is, choose Simple At this point, we've installed Subclipse successfully, which added support for Subversion servers to our Eclipse setup, and we've tested Subclipse by downloading the current Subclipse source code from the repository.Now we should look at doing something with our own code and our own Subversion repository.I've added two projects, fork Work and thread Work, from my first developer Works article.My Eclipse workspace (see Figure 11) also contains three other projects from developer Works articles (getopt_demo, getopt_long_demo, and readdir_demo). To add a new project to your Subversion repository, right-click the project (in any of Eclipse's project views or the Navigator view) and choose Team Select SVN from the list of repositories currently supported by your Eclipse, then click Next.A stock Eclipse installation has integrated support for CVS, a popular open source change-management system. The new developer Works Premium membership program provides an all-access pass to powerful development tools and resources, including 500 top technical titles (dozens specifically for open source developers) through Safari Books Online, deep discounts on premier developer events, video replays of recent O'Reilly conferences, and more. Read on to see how to add Subversion support to Eclipse and how to perform basic version-control activities from the IDE.The abilities of CVS, and its limitations, are well known, but many groups have been investigating other version-control systems to provide better scaling, better support for merging changes and branching versions, and better support for binary file formats. You're going to need to download and install Eclipse.View image at full size On the Select/Create Location panel (see Figure 8), we need to create a new location (since we don't have any configured yet), so click Next to continue.If the Next button is disabled, switch to the Use existing repository location option, then back to Create a new repository location to enable the Next button.

Choose Checkout Projects from SVN, then click Next.

I'm going to put my projects directly in the root of the repository.

Other repositories often have folders named trunk, tags, and branches off the root, for development versions, tags, and branches, but I don't expect to need to worry about tagging or branching the developer Works article code.

Do this before you continue trying to use Subclipse.

It's always nice to test a new feature once you've finished the installation; we'll try checking out a copy of Subclipse from their Subversion repository to make sure it's been properly installed.

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Be sure that Search for new features to install is selected, then click Next to continue. View image at full size Since we're after a specific feature, un-check the existing sites, then click New Remote Site to display the New Update Site dialog (see Figure 3).