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Units in Star Craft II have new abilities, compared to the original, that encourage more complex interaction with the game environment.Among these are the inclusion of units that can traverse varying levels of terrain,s campaign also has exclusive units that are only playable in the campaign and not in the regular multiplayer mode, though they are available for custom maps.This unlocked the Wings of Liberty campaign, multiplayer and other modes of the game for everyone.The change was in line with Blizzard's vision going forward, that is, supporting the game with micro-transactions such as Skins, Co-op Commanders, Voice Packs and War Chests which the sales already proved to be successful.

It was released worldwide in July 2010 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.In another mission, enemy units will only attack the player at night, forcing the player into a form of siege warfare.Finally, in one mission, the player must use a single unit to influence the tide of an AI-controlled battle.where high quality maps may be sold for a small fee as "premium maps" over Lead Designer Dustin Browder has mentioned that even maps like player-created Defense of the Ancients in Warcraft III would not meet the quality requirements to be branded as a premium map.

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Other units have been replaced or removed entirely: for example, the Scout, a Protoss fighter craft present in the original, has been replaced by the Phoenix.

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