Updating security certificate should christians kiss while dating

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f) To make sure that HTTPS is running in selected pages, edit the pages in question by checking the boxes beside Force SSL.Once you have done all of the sites, you should have successfully added HTTPS on your Word Press website.Malicious entities may try to cheat their way into your website traffic to gain access to files and passwords, by pretending that they’re using a secure connection.By using the principles of HTTPS and SSL, you will be able to protect your site traffic from hackers and others with malicious intent.Update your Word Press by updating the site URL address fields.c) If you’re adding SSL to an existing website, setup Word Press SSL by redirecting it from HTTP to HTTPS.

b) To update your URL, go to Settings, and click on General.Meanwhile, here are the steps on how to setup your SSL and HTTPS on specific pages of your site (say, all pages: a) Download, install and activate Word Press HTTPS (SSL) plugin. If, however, your site is connected to a subdomain, then use the root domain for this step. Check the box only on certain pages where you want to have the SSL option.b) Once activated, click on HTTPS in your Word Press admin interface to visit the plugin’s setting page. e) Check on user account pages, and click on the “Save Changes” button to save the plugin settings.Using HTTPS protects against unauthorized attacks and phishing of information, and was originally developed by tech giant Netscape.The main goal of HTTPS is to work as a form of authentication of visited websites, as well as protection of the privacy and integrity of exchanged data.

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Aside from encryption, SSL also provides proper authentication.