Updating project schedule ms project

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Updating project schedule ms project

It also provided ranges of years for the retention period, such as 0-10.Such ranges were difficult to interpret and follow.

‡ New retention periods for intellectual property records and risk management records were added February 15, 2017.By updating the schedule and providing clear guidance about retention mandates and best practices, the University can improve compliance, reduce risk, simplify storage management, and ease record retrieval, while reducing administrative costs and encouraging efficiency.Phased publication The project to create a new schedule is time-consuming, spanning two or more years.” “How do I update project progress once my project has started, and how often do I need to do this?” “How do I go about getting these updates from my project Team? ” I answered this question in the following blog – How Complicated Does a Project Schedule Need to be to Complicate the Complications That we Face in the Invariably Uncertain World of Project Management?

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Updated retention periods can be found for * New retention periods for capital resources records and public safety records were added November 8, 2013.