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The input data is very unified which makes it stable against updates.The new core has an advanced cart with enhancements to provide better update compatibility.Diagram 9 A window will display showing that the your previous Virtue Mart version has been successfully updated to the latest version of Virtue Mart. Diagram 10 Your Virtuemart is now updated to the latest version.

Diagram 5 The Virtue Mart Update Check window will appear, click on Check now! Diagram 6 Now, click on the Download Update as shown in Diagram 7.

See this forum thread: forum.virtuemart.net/index.php? topic=108768.0 Some people who are not using our VM Template are suffering about the same exact issue.

I hope this issue will be solved in the next releases of Virtuemart, because the Core VM File must be edited which is not allowed to template override, so we (as template developers) are not able to solve it.

For example, the core now uses only the JForm Fields of joomla 2.5 and not any longer the old vm Parameter, but we added v Request (MIT) as choice for JInput.

Developers can now use the normal JForm Field joomla conventions for all plugins.

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Diagram 1 After logging in to the backend, the control panel page opens as shown in Diagram 2.