Updating perl howto

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Updating perl howto

This flag will also set the data version (cache, FASTA) to install unless set separately with --CACHE_VERSION.

By default the script will download the latest version of VEP's caches and FASTA files (currently 91).

The API set installed by the script is local to the VEP, and will not affect any other Ensembl API installations.Users can force the script to install a different version at their own risk. By default the script will install the API modules in a subdirectory of the current directory named "Bio".Using this option users may configure where the Bio directory is created.-a ac for API and cache Comma-separated list of species to install when using --AUTO.To install the Ref Seq cache, add "_refseq" to the species name, e.g.

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Some features and enhancements, however, require the installation of additional components.

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