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However, in some versions of Outlook, you will receive an error if you start a merge with a contacts folder in Public Folders from within Word.

The workaround is to start the merge in Outlook instead, displaying the source contacts folder, then choosing Tools | Mail Merge.

The process of adding another user's Contacts folder to your own address book display is somewhat involved: After you restart Outlook, when you display the address book, you should see Joe's Contacts listed in the Outlook Address Book along with your own Contacts folder.

Any contacts folder that you see in the Outlook Address Book can be used as the data source for a merge with Word.

You can use the Update-Cs Address Book cmdlet on the Lync server to force the server to update the address book.

As discussed in a past article the Address Book Normalization process of OCS is a barely-documented and often misunderstood process.Microsoft Outlook 2010 supports multiple Exchange server mailboxes.This allows you to open the other mailbox in your profile as another Microsoft Exchange account and once you do this, you will have full access to the contacts folder (along with all of the others folder in the mailbox.) Delegates should not open their manager's mailbox as a second mailbox in Outlook 2010.With some extra effort (see below), the Outlook Address Book can also display contacts from another user's mailbox, making it easy for an assistant to use the boss' contacts to address messages.Display Other User's Contacts in Address Book | Notes | More Information This doesn't work in Outlook 2013 and newer.

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