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Updating microsoft program licenses

for its expense and the lack of "free" software upgrades within the contract period.The development period between major operating system versions often exceeds three years, requiring customers to renew their software assurance for another contract period, in order to get the next upgrade for "free".But, after a couple of times through the 're-activation' process these packages usually tell you that you have too many activations and you can no longer activate again. This is just one more reason more and more people are getting pissed off at commercial software.For example this is the lovely notices I get from Nitro Pro after I had a totally legit licensed copy running pre-Update: Not cool! You are a software company, want to license your software and keep people from pirating. It's already bad enough with nobody wanting to pay for software anymore, expecting it to be free, and this certainly isn't helping the cause for your commercial software.I'm on the slow Ring so I see updates every few months. Well, every time these major updates happen, along with that Windows install I 'lose' a number of my software licenses for a number of software packages that weren't 'unregistered' before the upgrade. So today Insider Build (14342) installed and sure enough I'm back here again.I don't use a lot of commercial software these days, but for me I've been through this dance a few times with these products: The deal is that these products are apparently tied to the local machine and Windows installation and a Windows Update changes enough about this configuration that the license managers of these products decide that this version is running on a new machine. If that was all it was it'd a hassle but OK I can live with that. But for goodness' sake, find a different way to enforce your license!If your license errors, it doesn't mean you need to buy a new one.The company that sold you that license should give you and updated license count or otherwise renew your existing license so that it will work on the updated version of Windows.

The three possibilities are not always available, depending on the program (single license or volume license).

If enough people complain this issue will get fixed fast. I'n on the fast ring for inside builds, any my (German) banking software stopped working because I ran out ouf allowed registrations. I agree 100% that vendors must do a better job on licensing.

I contacted the support, and they changed my account to unlimited registrations. It should be as transparent (and painless) as possible for users.

Big vendors too - Microsoft and Intuit for example can manage somehow.

So if you're one of those vendors that uses Windows tied licenses: Get your shit together and find another way!

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While I'm Ok paying for software I use, I'm not OK with getting hassled by you for managing your licensing process on your behalf.