Updating kde menu Jasmin cam xxx

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Updating kde menu

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thing is, electron constantly sends out a layout updated signal at which point global menu requests the menu for cahing and performance and then it emits layout updates and we end up in an endless loop signal only once there (if it's not fired from somewhere else), and the problem is probably inside Electron.

Stayed with cinnamon because of this bug Maybe it's a dumb question but I'm not overly technical and I don't work in IT.

We were talking here about the framework - sort of base behind apps. If you use your system package manager, it depends on the package itself.

For those cases, there is a manual workaround - temporarily remove the new KWallet version: so affected users are notified of the fact, find an alternative for their needs and clean up their systems.To see the result in any given electron app, this app needs to be re-created/recompiled/changed with the new version of the framework and then we need to install that version to have the fix? So the fix will vary from app to app and we may wait quite some time for it? Then why electron package was installed as a dependency if apps won't be using it anyway? As example the google play music desktop player dep package is prepacked with electron and does not have a dependency on it.Or maybe some apps do use it (hence electron dependency) and those will be fixed with electron update release but not others? Installed-Size: 186 MB Depends: libappindicator1, avahi-daemon Recommends: lsb-release Suggests: gir1.2-gnomekeyring-1.0, libgnome-keyring0 Homepage: unbekannt APT-Manual-Installed: yes APT-Sources: /var/lib/dpkg/status Description: An Electron wrapper for Google Play Music An Electron wrapper for Google Play Music Both system repo which uses pacman and AUR depend on PKGBUILD files that are sort of recipes. I waited and waited on Manjaro and couldn't wait any longer so I checked unstable repo and there it was, electron 1.6.15.If applications are asking for passwords again that KWallet should have stored already long ago, this indicates that automatic migration from kde-apps/kwalletd to kde-frameworks/kwallet has failed.After editing and saving this file, leaving the session and re-entering should trigger the migration assistant, visible through the usual KWallet password prompt.

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I am not familiar with those things but it looked like this other package must be fixed in order for menus to work, so that's not directly KDE or electron issue. @michaldybczak This is an electron issue — it fires submenu update signals when submenus were not actually updated, see #8455 (comment). It's not only causing increased CPU, but it is leading plasmashell to consume up to 60% of my memory.

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