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Countless others have sent in suggestions and fixes.An incomplete list includes: Jacob Anhoej, John Yast, Sally Welch, Morgan Landry, and Charlie Law.Where those designations appear in this document, and Slackware Linux, Inc.

It's important to remember that the term “Linux” really refers to the kernel - the core of the operating system.

(See Section 1.3 and Appendix A for an explanation of the license.) Today, Linux has grown into a major player in the operating system market.

It has been ported to run on a variety of system architectures, including HP/Compaq's Alpha, Sun's SPARC and Ultra SPARC, and Motorola's Power PC chips (through Apple Macintosh and IBM RS/6000 computers.) Hundreds, if not thousands, of programmers all over the world now develop Linux.

It would not have been possible for me to produce this work in a vacuum.

Many people deserve our thanks for their selfless acts: Keith Keller for his work on wireless networking, Joost Kremers for his great work in single-handedly writing the emacs section, Simon Williams for the security chapter, Jurgen Phillippaerts for basic networking commands, Cibao Cu Ali G Colibri for the inspiration and a good kick in the pants.

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Many others have contributed in small and large ways to this project and have not been listed. Alan Hicks, May 2005 Linus Torvalds started Linux, an operating system kernel, as a personal project in 1991.