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Updating fstab

At the welcome screen select “Boot from local drive”.If all goes well then remember to remove the CD/iso from your [virtual] CD drive.Exit out of the shell to return to the “First Aid Kit quickstart menu” (type “exit”).First Aid Kit quickstart menu – Select “reboot Reboot”, then OK.I asked a friend who does much more Linux admin how to achieve what I wanted and didn’t take it any further when he said words to the effect of, “Yeah, it’s more complicated than that.” Update [5th August 2014] It turns out that renaming the volume group that hold the logical volume the root file system is on is not as complex as I had previously thought.

I think I screwed up one VM before realising that it wasn’t just simply a case of renaming the VG and updating /etc/fstab.

2) Rename Volume Group The LVM commands you issue are the same as usual, only they need to be prefixed with lvm.

I suggest listing the VGs to be sure the state of the system is as you expect, and using more is a good idea as you don’t have a scrollbar, i.e.: Note that the force option is only required because there is already an existing image with the same name.

The most popular post that day was WEP/WPA/WPA2 Cracking Dictionary.

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To do this select “Rescue installed system” when the welcome screen is presented during the boot process. Setup Networking – Select “No” Rescue – Select “Continue” Rescue (message about your system being mounted under /mnt/sysimage and use of chroot) – OK.