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Updating blackberry email password

So I got an email from Blackberry that said, "Update the password for [email protected] in the Black Berry Internet Service!Email messages from [email protected] are not being delivered to your Black Berry device.3) If you use your device for business, your organization might prevent connections to certain wireless access points.For more information, contact your administrator for help.

It will then check what software version you have installed on your smartphone and check online to see if there are any updates.

Simply follow the prompts to install it and allow it to run once it has finished installing.

Now that Black Berry Desktop Software has been installed and is running on your computer, you’ll need to plug in your Black Berry smartphone.

When the devices connect, you might hear a sound or your device might vibrate. Way 1: Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger, then tap to activate Wi-Fi, the device will scan for available networks and display the names, touch a network name to see more details or connect to it Way 2: 1) Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger. If you can connect to another Wi-Fi network, the problem might be specific to the Wi-Fi network at the original location.

Tip: If you can't share content, try using the Android™ Beam feature. Try more advanced troubleshooting options: 1) Try choosing a different authentication type.

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Touch and hold the Wi-Fi network, then tap Modify network.

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