Updating bios and raid Xxxx cerita best

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Updating bios and raid

FYI, the Windows BIOS update method is the least reliable, Instant Flash is the preferred method.Let us know if changing to RAID mode now does not work for you. If the two RAID 1 drives were created on a fairly recent Intel based board, you should have no problem connecting them to your new board and they will be seen as a RAID 1 array.what's the deal with updating the bios on asrock motherboards supporting raid?It's a brand new system so it's not that big a deal i just have to reload windows but i want to know for future reference what the ramifications are.so does that mean something gets written to disk when in ahci mode just on boot that kills the raid array?

and for my other two drives which are RAID1 having my data, can i just connect those and will they be recognized as RAID1 and just show up in windows?

The only things i had changed in the bios prior to initial install of windows 7 was to set the SATA mode to RAID, I have two SSD disks as RAID 0 for my operating system on sata ports 0 and 1.

And also in storage config I changeed them from "hard disk" to "solid state disk".

My last motherboard a p6x58d i had raid1 on 2 drives for data and that bios would hickup once in a great while and would go to default values the only ramification to that was i had to go back in and set my ram back to DDR3-1600. i've managed raid arrays at work nothing huge and i agree the raid array is generally hard to ruin you usually have to delete a volume if it's not a bad disk.

but what happened to me was attempt to boot raid volume when sata set to ahci and it caused raid array fail with no means of correction.

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The same goes for drive type option for each drive, after a BIOS update (and a CMOS/BIOS reset) the drive type will be set to its default, which is Hard Disk Drive.