Updating alteriwnet cod mw2

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Updating alteriwnet cod mw2

Here I checked to see if 'mapname' is "mp_nuketown", and if it was, I had level.waypoints equal the function we pasted into the script.

If you were doing this for MW2, you want game["bots"]["waypoints"] instead of level.waypoints. Now these are procedures, not functions, which means that they do not return anything back to the call.

Now search for the 'games_mp.log' file and open it with notepad.

(It will be with your installation of Bot Warfare) Go to the bottom of the document and you'll find some GSC script code. Now open your '_custom_map.gsc' file with a text editor (I use Note Pad ).

(all normal modes, most custom modes) -Bots have animations, move their legs and don't slide. (even sentry guns) -Bots can capture and steal care packages. -Bots can camp randomly or when about to use the laptop. -Bots use all deathstreaks, perks and weapons, also perks do something and bots use guns tactically (use shotgun upclose, etc).

-Bots difficulty level can be customized and are accurate. -Bots detect smoke grenades, stun grenades, flashed and airstrike slows. -Bots talk, react to anything that they are doing or what happened to them, etc. Credits: INeed Games(me) - for completely writing and compiling the mod into what it is now: tinkie101 - for RSE v1 to v10, mod was based off of this: Web.Pe ZBot team - tinkie101 used Pe ZBot's code as a base for RSE v1 to v10: apdonato - for RSE v11 development, much of their ideas was used: Rsebots.Ability - for their waypoint mod used in this mod (found in bots\dev.gsc) Salvation - for their menu base used in this mod (found in bots\menu.gsc) yolarrydabomb - for various waypoint files: Blobbitybloo - for finding a IW4 sound name dump, allowing me to allow bots to emulate footsounds: List of recommended clients (use Google):-IW4X - Fully LAN and requires no internet, custom weapons and maps.-Alter IWNet m1 client IWNet Server - Fully vanilla with mod support and completely offline/LAN.

Everything can be customized, ideal for both personal use and dedicated servers.

This mod does not edit ANY stock files, meaning EVERY other mod is compatible with this mod.

Features: Mod is completely compatible with no internet, good for LAN with friends or just playing alone.(You can use Win RAR to open archives) Paste the function into the script.Now you need to script it so that level.waypoints point to the array of stucts.In MW2, the data is displayed on the top right of your screen. Then create a folder called 'bots' and inside that folder a new folder called 'waypoints' and move the '_custom_map.gsc' file into it.You can then save the waypoints, this will dump a function to 'games_mp.log'. (.\bots\waypoints\_custom_map.gsc) Now right click the folder and using Win RAR's shell, click 'Add to archive...'.

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(hard is hard, easy is easy, etc.) -Bots each all have different classes, traits, and difficulty and remember it all. -Bots will remember their class, killstreak, skill and traits, even on multiround based gametypes. Feel free to use code, host on other sites, host on servers, mod it and merge mods with it, just give credit where credit is due!

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