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"They're in the business of helping people fill out professional forms." The small disclaimer tab at the bottom of the website links to language about what the service does, or doesn't do."We provide the convenience, freedom and ability to help or assist those in need .…

He was shocked when the passport officer told him there was no information about it in the system."I went online, and the first thing I saw was Passport Online, and it says it'll help you do it," said Bebchuk.He also noticed the maple leaf and the legitimate-looking forms, answered all the questions and called to pay 6.45 for an expedited passport. "You won't have to even leave the house." Bebchuk received a package in the mail, but a representative called him and said his passport would not be done in time.Stephanie Matteis is a 21st Century triple threat: filing stories for CBC television, radio & digital.A pathological truthteller and storytelling junkie, just waiting to tell your story.

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The employees at the Pardons Waivers office on Consumers Road said they didn't know Breslin, but knew Kennedy was involved with Passport In 2015, Passport Canada released a warning to Canadians to protect themselves as "certain organizations claim to offer 'support' to Canadian citizens who want to apply for a passport, such as by selling information kits that outline application procedures. At the passport office, Bebchuk and his son-in-law Allan Appel were told employees had heard of the company but were unable to help.