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Up the creek greenwich speed dating

By law, a sunken ship could only be declared a ‘wreck’ if no-one escaped alive from it.If there were no survivors, the remains of the ship and cargo belonged to whoever owned the ‘right of wreck’ on the stretch of shore where the incident took place.Map showing wreck incidents listed in my 1625-1642 wreck survey: Dutch wrecks are marked in red, and many positions are approximate only, e.g.ships identified as wrecked ‘on the Isle of Wight’.

The archives of the 17-century state are full of letters, accounts, legal proceedings and other material concerning sunken vessels, some of it very detailed.These were mainly merchant vessels that were important enough to generate paperwork.No doubt there were also many losses of fishing boats and small merchantmen which went unrecorded, but in this case ‘important’ generally meant ‘valuable’.The year 1642 was chosen as the end-date for the survey because the English Civil War started then, and a lot of central government record-keeping went to pieces until the 1650s.The survey turned up 142 references to losses of specific ships.

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