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Ukulele serial number dating

Over many years, Chuck assembled his own world-class collection of vintage Hawaiian and Mainland ukes, including some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Jumpin’ Jim2015 Chuck, I got the Kamaka concert (2004) you suggested 10 years ago and much later a Martin. They keep me amused during the dullness of the working day. His post-fire ukuleles are unique (unusual) designs often with an oval sound hole, whereas those made before the fire are more traditional and characterized by a wave-shaped head stock.It was Chucks collection that made up the majority of the ukes in my book, "The Ukulele-A Visual History." Although Chuck has retired from the Uke Yak, his extensive knowledge and unique sense of humor live on in this searchable archive. Do you think it would be a good idea to change out the friction tuners on the Kamaka for a set of new 4 to 1 Gotoh tuners available from Kamaka for plus shipping. The serial number on my concert begins with "5" and was produced in 1995.I'd like to find out exactly who made this uke and when, if possible. It is also hard to give you a firm price, as the market varies a lot, but 750-1000 in good condition would be a close guess. He moved to Los Angeles, year unknown, and made a very good ukulele.If you have an original case, add a couple hundred more. I would be interested to know if the label says " Leonard, or Leonardo...I will send you an image of it when it returns from a little , gentle restoration. Your going to have to do a little research on the names. I will look back in the archives and see what I have on it. If the uke has the patent number as mine did, you can write to the patents office and they will send you the patent info. I could only make it play Waltzing Matilda frets Chuck I'm going to be re-doing my kitchen this year and will have to get rid of a full set of George Formby ukes all in reasonable condition for their age and all playable.You can do that through the Hawaiian museum whose name escapes me at the moment. Write them with them with a list of names and see what they say. I am interested...thanks...chuck Hello, I was just wondering if you could shed any light on this little banjolele? I know that the uke was fashioned after a violin and there was a chamber running around the inside that was suppose to trap and magnify the sound. Any idea of what they'd be worth in today's market as a full set a, b, c, d, and e models Steve Steve... Unless you have a very small kitchen, I wouldn't look to make an even trade, unless you find a kitchen man who collects Formby. If you want information about a vintage ukulele, it really helps if we have pictures.

Considering the usual state of Favillas (needing a number of hairline repairs to start with and usually a very worn, muddy finish) I consider these a very minor point.

Hi Chuck, Just saw Dougs posting about his Favilla Baritone Uke. Very early Baritone's 1940's to 1953 had no serial numbers. After 1959 the familiar gold label inside the body bore the model and serial number.

Best, Tom This is truly the cleanest old Favilla (made in New York) baritone uke I've come across yet: no cracks, minor scuffs and scratches, a perfectly straight neck, good satin finish (though, of course, fine weather-checking is seen throughout), and all-original parts.

Maui Music ukuleles are very well made and have a quintessentially Hawaiian sound.

My concert is fantastic in every way and I certainly do appreciate the fret board radius.

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