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This small speed bump likely won't stop them from competing.

The contrasting sex scenes between Amy and her buffed-up but boring beau and Frank and his sour-faced bellyache girlfriend ("You're all in-out, in-out like you're trying to shove a door back into a filing cabinet – it's borin'!Of course, they So the twist is that we've been watching Frank and Amy acting out a dating-app simulation, before, it seems, the real Frank and Amy have even met.As twist endings go, the VR rug-pull has become a well-worn sci-fi idea over the past two decades, but Brooker imbues the rest of the episode with so many great lines, so many absorbing, provocative ideas about the nature of relationships, that it's easy to forgive him this rare lapse into cliché.I'm a former truck driver and I like seeing what y'all post. I used to hear all the time on the cb radio that once you drive a semi it's in your's true. I was driving north 2pm on I75 from Sun City Fl back home. I was in the middle one slightly behind a trucker with a massive truck in the slower lane. I slowed down and for safety moved into the farthest(fastest) lane to my left to stay away from him. They neglect drivers, they don’t answer texts tell days later, they write faulty cleaning bills before you receive your truck. Thanks for giving me some insight on what he sees every day.some of the idiots in cars who fail to understand that he cant stop on a dime.. He slowly started to move ONLY 1 to 2 inches over our line into MY lane. He then quickly moved into his lane (pretty far to his right) and as I sped up past him I saw a blown tire piece strewn between our two lanes. The truck number 24 when I took delivery of that truck it was dirty and I had to clean it out myself. I received my check which was 3weeks late and it was only out of 00.

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